It's one thing to be rich, but to be rich and generous is a noble thing.  Rihanna is just that, and giving back to her native Barbados in a major way.

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Rihanna lost her grandmother last year to cancer and took it rather hard.  She and her grandmother were very close.  To honor her memory, Rihanna decided to give back to the hospital that tried to save her life, Queen Elizabeth Hospital in Bridgetown,Barbados.  By doing so, she's not only helping the hospital become more modernized, but also helping the people it serves.  Learn what Rihanna's donation will do and find out what she had to say about her motives for giving such a huge amount of money.  It's all below with Tha Wire.

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In other news, Nas is being sued by a concert promoter.  Last year the promoter, Patrick Allocco and his son were kidnapped by gunpoint in Angola because Nas was a no show for a concert they hired him to do.  On top of that, Nas was given a $300,000 advance that he didn't return.  Get all the crazy details surrounding this story below.

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In the meantime, Drake is trying to get a judge to throw out a lawsuit filed by the now infamous Club W.I.P. in the New York.  Apparently the club is suing Drizzy for not only damaging their establishment, but destroying their rep.  However, Drake feels the club already had a bad rep before he and Chris's bottle throwing brawl ever occurred.  Get more info below with Tha Wire.

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Finally, Rihanna's not the only one giving back to her hometown.  Meek Mill in spite of getting the bad news that he can't leave Philly because he violated his parole, is trying to save his old high school.  Meek's alma mater is on the chopping block along with 36 other Philadelphia schools to be closed in 2013.  Get the goods on how Meek is chipping in and get more info on all the stories above.  Listen to Tha Wire now: