Early in her career, Rihanna hired two accountants New York's Berdon LLP to over see her financial business.  Unfortunately, it didn't work out for the three of them and now she's suing.


It's a said day when you realize the people hired to take care of your finances have been ripping you off.  However, it looks like that's exactly what happened to Rihanna.  Find out what and how she plans to deal with the situation and what the accounts allegedly made off with.  All the details are below with Tha Wire.

Also, organizers and promoters for the legendary Coachella Balley Music and Arts Festival are threatening to leave it's Indio, California home.  Even worse for festival goers, their talking about even cancelling the event in 2014.  Hear what's got them so upset now, press play.


Meanwhile, Usher's step son Kyle Glover needs a miracle.  He was critically injured after being ran over by a jet ski.  As we continue to pray for him and his family, we sincerely ask that you do the same.  For more details click here.  Finally, unless it's some weird joke Frank Ocean came out of the closet this weekend.  If you would like to learn more about how he went about telling the world, click here.

As far as today's scoop, skinny, mess and drama.  Press play now to hear Tha Wire: