Ronald Greene's family recently launched the Justice for Ronald Greene (#JUSTICEFORRONALDGREENE) GoFundMe page to help them raise money to bring the Louisiana State Troopers involved in his death to justice.

The Greene family was told two years ago that Ronald died in a car accident. However, the Associated Press obtained body cam footage and released it to the public that revealed a small snippet about the shocking truth of really what happened to Mr. Greene.

The family feels the violent manner in which he died was not only unjustified, but downright atrocious, and then to be told lies about his death only to learn the truth later just makes it that much more disturbing.

As said by the Greene family, justice delayed is justice denied. They want the Louisiana State Police (LSP) to take accountability and uphold the law by arresting the state troopers involved in Ronald's death.

They want complete and total transparency from the LSP, and expect Governor John Bel Edwards to ensure they get it. This kind of legal battle is obviously going to be expensive, and the Greene family is turning to the public to help them raise enough money to fight this legal battle and get #JUSTICEFORRONALDGREENE.

If you are interested in donating, click here. For more details surrounding this, case click here.

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