Alot of folks tend to think that fighting is a mans sport. Especially when you're thinking about MMA fighting. We Ronda Rousey has the skill to knock out some of your favorite contenders and she's not hard on the eyes either. Check out the intense look at the behind the scenes of Ronda Rousey and check her out in action.


Ronday Rousey Up Close and Personal:

I have to admit the first time I really took notice to her was in the last Expendable movies and I feel bad that I had not gotten more into her sooner. She is most definately a looker and you put that with skills. You have one hell of a woman. The world of MMA is alot of intense days and nights of training and getting yourself mentally prepared to go out there and give your all and she has that all the way. Be on the lookout for more of her on the silver screen and also in the ring.