If you have not recognized by now that I am a big fan of UCF Fighter Ronda Rousey. Then you haven't been following my post much then have you. I think the young lady is a dedicated athelete and a hell of a fighter. She's also picking up the acting bug, which is not easy to do. But did I mentioned that she is a looker as well.

I don't know if I would be brave enough to get in a ring with her, but just one chance meeting would be something that I would possibly cherish for a lifetime. Well some smart guy thought it would be a bright idea to get in the ring and see if he could handle a little sparring session with her. What I have below is the results of that meeting.

Ring Chat with Ronda Roussey:

She really seems to be pretty bashful and a cool person to work out with or meet. Although you can bet that she took it very easy on this guy. I think I could go for a round or two, maybe I better erase this line and stick to what I know. Hey Ronda, love ya!