Whether you're an up-and-comer or a certified superstar, rough crowds are just a part of life as a performer. That's a reality Safaree faced for himself when he was booed during a recent performance.

Spitting his song, "Hunnid," in front of a crowd at what appears to be New York City's Dyckman Park, Safaree takes a mean barrage of boo's as he delivered live renditions of his tunes. At some point either before or after a round of boo's, Safaree cuts the music to deliver a message to the crowd, which doesn't appear to be feeling his show.

"Let me tell you young niggas something—I fuck bitches y'all niggas dream about," he tells the crowd, who react by mercilessly booing the rapper. A few moments later, the crowd begins hurling trash in the rapper's direction. Eventually, Safaree leaves the park as the crowd continue delivering an onslaught of jeers. He's yet to speak on this matter, but as he left the park, he could be seen flipping two middle fingers at the crowd.

This incident popped off just a couple of days after Azealia Banks posted photos of herself with Safaree in the studio just days after Banks dissed his ex-girlfriend, Nicki Minaj, in a series of tweets. While Safaree and Nicki haven't always been on the best of terms publicly, it can't be said for sure whether this means he harbors any ill will toward Nicki.

Watch videos from the scene of Safaree's ill-fated performance below.

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