Now more than ever the world needs to come together. There is a lot of chaos, and anger in our country. Hatred will destroy us all if we let it. So it's up to all of us to resist. Michael Jackson put it best, let's start with the Man In the Mirror. Change starts with us. In our homes, churches, schools, and communities. Local celebrity/artist/activist Salemah Broussard says she was answering God's plan to do something that would celebrate our diversity and help promote unity here in the Lake City.

Mrs. Broussard said, "The Vision that was given to Me in 2009 was to gather the masses of people together. All Races, colors, and creeds, in our community to come, in a common place to communicate, educate, entertain, and learn about each other!" As a result, she spearheaded a free multicultural experience called, The International Family Day in The Park

Salemah Broussard
Salemah Broussard

This wonderful event has not only become an annual event but, a positive staple in Lake Charles where people from all walks of life come to celebrate what truly makes American great DIVERSITY. This year join in on the unity! This Saturday, November 3, 2018, come out with your family and friends to the "9th Annual International Family Day in The Park, at Loc Park" (on the corner of Ryan and Dr. Debakey Dr.) from 9am-4pm. It's all about peace and love, and everyone is invited to attend.

Free live entertainment will be provided by the phenomenal Mrs. Salemah Broussard, dynamic father and son duo, Chester Daigle IIJarvis Daigle and the one and only James BillPlus its open mic! So feel free to bring your talent to the stage, what ever it is, and join in on the jam session. Local artists and vendors are free to set up a table or booth and sell their wares. Unfortunately, due to illness, the delicious gumbo served every year will not be available.

Some tables and chairs will be provided, but the public is urged to bring lawn chairs, or blankets to guarantee themselves the best seat in the park. The International Family Day in The Park is open to the public and absolutely free, however, it still takes a lot of hands to plan, set-up and run. There is always a need for supporters and volunteers, so if you're interested in helping PLEASE call Mrs. Broussard at (678) 457-6231. Any help is needed.

So you this Saturday!

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