Kanye West already jumped over Jumpman with his epic Adidas deal, but with his TIDAL exclusive The Life of Pablo album taking a lotta blows from the public now, Yeezy may have jumped the digital streaming service right into the hands of Samsung.

According to The NY Post, Samsung, who already has a long standing relationship with TIDAL founder Jay Z — remember he changed the rules when he dropped Magna Carta Holy Grail via Samsung exclusively — is open to re-discussing purchasing the 16-month old company.

The relationship makes sense since Samsung most recently worked closely with TIDAL co-owner Rihanna (the phone giants reportedly dished out a cool $28 million in promo for her platinum eighth album ANTIˆ). While Samsung spokespeople declined to comment on the possible TIDAL acquisition deal, a close source confirmed to the Post that something is indeed going down. “Samsung is re-engaging; they are working on something really big, and they’re keeping it very quiet in case it leaks,” the source reportedly said.

Samsung better make a move fast because they aren’t they only corporation eyeing the fast-evolving streaming service. Both Google and Spotify have allegedly had their eyes on the wave. While TIDAL for the most part is on the rise after West’s TLOP helped surge subscriptions from one million to 2.5 million and they recently acquired a new partner in T.I., the streaming service has also had its setbacks. To name a few, Rihanna-gate (the leaking of ANTI), 500,000 illegal downloads of TLOP and the hiring of the third CEO in less than a year.

But if the source is right Jay Z, Lil Wayne, Kanye West, Nicki Minaj, Beyonce and a host of other TIDAL co-owners could be on to something major. We will keep you posted.

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