I have said it before and I will say it again: we need a break. There have been meetings after meetings and there has still not been much action to work on ridding the city of the excess debris we have. With the weather report looking less than favorable for the city, there is word that sandbags will be available for Calcasieu Perish residents.

We are anticipating a lot of potential rain this Saturday, so here are some locations for sandbags in case you are sticking around this weekend or even if you're not and want to make sure your property is secure.

  • Ward 1 Barn - 461 Parish Road, Moss Bluff
  • Ward 2 Barn – 7085 La. 14 East, Hayes
  • Ward 3 Old Barn - 2320 Smith Road, Lake Charles
  • Ward 3 Barn- Swift Plant Road, Lake Charles
  • Old Kroger building- intersection of Beglis Parkway and Napoleon Street, Sulphur
  • Ward 5 Barn – 129 Third St., Starks
  • Ward 6 Barn – 1275 Plum St., DeQuincy
  • Ward 8 Barn – 1726 Parish Barn Road, Iowa.

The sand and the bags will be provided as needed, but residents are being asked to bring their own shovels and be prepared to fill your own bags. The locations are not staffed at this particular time.

I am hoping things won't get too bad, but we are still trying to bounce back, and even a little bit of consistent rain could be a little to much for us here.

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