ScHoolboy Q uses a special booklet for his new album to give his fans more insight into the way he feels about Nipsey Hussle and Mac Miller, two beloved artists who've died since he released his Blank Face LP three years ago.

In the liner notes for his new CrasH Talk album, which dropped Friday (April 26), Q took some time out to acknowledge his brothers who've lost their lives over the past year. Weeks after Nipsey was shot and killed in front of his clothing store The Marathon, the South Central L.A. rapper offers his own eulogy to the late rapper-entrepreneur.

“2 NIPSEY HUSSLE. Neva THougHt tHis day would come," ScHoolboy Q writes in his liner notes. "THanks for wHat you done for tHis city. Us Growing up on different sides of tHe fence neva cHanged THe way you carried yourself WHeneva we would meet. We neva called eacH otHer or texted but tHe respect I Had for u can run a maratHon. Wat u did for yo community speaks volume. you did wHat most of us inner city kids dont wHen we get paid, u stayed!! U built !! And gave Hope to tHe people WHen you could’ve easily left. no longer will i ignore tHe Help my city needs. A man tHat was supposed to grow up Hating me cHanged my life for tHe better. Even more tHan music and for tHat tHank u isn’t enuff. I LOVE U and GOD NEVA DIE."

Groovy Q also offered more words on Mac Miller, who passed away from a drug overdose last year. Days after the 26-year-old's death, the TDE rapper decided to delay the release of his album out of respect for Mac and his family. Today, Q claims his last conversation with Mac was all he needed to continue working and living.

"2 Mac. A song or an interview won’t explain How mucH of a brutHa u was… love u and r last convo was all i needed, tHanks for everytHang," he wrote to Mac Miller.

Check out ScHoolboy Q's special liner notes about Mac and Nipsey below.

bryantw83 via Reddit
bryantw83 via Reddit

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