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It may not be Halloween, but we still love us some scary movies.  The big question is:  which one is the pants-wettingest, hands-down scariest?  That's the question WKYC and Broadband Choices sought to answer in the most scientific way possible - by literally measuring the heart-pounding fear each one induces in the viewer.

50 scary movies from the last 20 years were screened by willing participants in order to discover which one made hearts race the fastest.  Health experts say that the average resting heart rate is around 60 bpm (beats per minute).  The movies listed below will push your ticker well beyond that.

Check out the ranking below, but don't be afraid to let us know what horror flick was left out.  For what it's worth, each and everyone of these movies have scared the stuffing out of me.

The Scariest Movies As Proven By Science

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