One of the big surprise hits for 2018 was A Quiet Place. The movie was directed by The Office alumni John Krasinski who played the quick witted character Jim Halpert. John jumped behind the camera and delivered what seemed to be a surprise to horror fans around the world.

Of course if a movie does big things at the box office. It will not be long before the studios and the fans will be wanting a part two and yesterday the trailer was released that features the star Emily Blunt returning to face some more horrid action.

Check out the trailer for the movie A Quiet Place 2.

The amazing thing about this movie is the fact that there is a lot of whispering in this movie. This is because of the creatures that they are running from can't see, but have the best hearing in the world. I have not seen the first one, but the hype around the second one seems to really be on another level. Will you be going to see A Quiet Place 2?

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