There are many who feel like people should stick to what they do best. If you're an athlete, they prefer you stick to sports. If you're an actor, stick to acting. If you're a musician, they feel like that's where you should stay.

I have always been of the belief that if you are trying to spark positivity in the world, you should speak your peace and let your voice be heard. This is one reason why I wanted to speak with Sean Ardoin. There are many people who know him as a heir from Zydeco royalty, but he is also a smart individual who's got his grasp on the community and continues to do his part at making positive moves in the city.

We talked a little earlier on yesterday about his music, his latest video for What Do You See? and the importance of voting and the census.

Check out the two-part interview below.

I plan on talking with more individuals in the city about how we can change the dynamic of things. Thanks to Sean for talking with me, and make sure you support his music and future endeavors to come.

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