Last week, Thomas Eric Duncan died from Ebola in a Dallas hospital. This week, two of his nurses are now confirmed as being infected. The second nurse was diagnosed late Tuesday night, Oct. 14, and joins fellow nurse Nina Pham, 26, who was last reported in stable condition.

What remains unknown is how Pham and the second nurse contracted the disease, though a local nurses' union is up in arms over how the hospital has handled the disease. First, Duncan showed up at the hospital sick and was sent home, finally being admitted two days later. After that, the union says protocols weren't put in place, which may have left nurses exposed.

USAToday reports that 48 other people who were around Duncan have not shown any symptoms.

Pham, meanwhile, is being treated with blood transfusions from Ebola survivor Dr. Kent Brantley. Brantley caught the disease while in Liberia. He was airlifted to the U.S. where he fought and recovered. Before he left, ABC News reports he received a blood transfusion from an Ebola survivor, which may have helped his chances. He's now paying it forward by trying to help Pham in the same way.