It's almost Christmas and there are alot of folks who probably won't be able to celebrate the way they want to. It could be a situation of family members not be here anymore, or the money not be available to shop for your loved ones. But when I saw this video, it truly brought tears to my eyes when I saw what was going on. I have stated before that I have family members who are law enforcement. I have always said that not all officers are bad cops.

Unfortunately we see alot of the bad from various videos that appear on social media. Of course I will be the first to say that anyone that we should be paying tax dollars for should respect us. We should not be getting treated like criminals or beat down like abused animals in the streets. Well in Kansas, there is this guys who is known as the secret santa in the area. Around this time he generally hands out thousands of dollars to random folks in the area. This time around he teamed up with the local police department. He wanted them to spread the love, by choosing folks who appeared to need assistance over the holidays and there is no way you can watch this video and not feel a warmness in your heart.

Unique traffic stops in Kansas City, Missouri bring drivers to tears. Watch last night's "On the Road" with Steve Hartman. #CBSEveningNews #OnTheRoad

Posted by CBS Evening News with Scott Pelley on Saturday, December 13, 2014

We need to take this time be thankful for what we have and realize that not everyone is privileged and not all police officers are bad cops. I hope this will spread to various people today and hopefully to the ones who are paid to protect and serve. I hope this will make the bad ones think twice before handling a situation in a way that would not be respected by their community. Props to the secret santa and the officers who participated in making some everyday peoples lives a little better.

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