While we will all spend our money on the next comedy or franchise failure, it's great to have something that educates us and tells our story. I am a supporter of alot of movies and love comedy, drama, horror and even the mushy love stories, but when something comes out like the movie "42", I want to be front and center! For those who have been under a rock for decades and don't know the story of Baseball Great Jackie Robinson, check out the trailer and see the movie this weekend!

"42" The Jackie Robinson Story-


My son is 15 years old and if he can play video games and know all the latest games, weapons and characters. One thing I push is knowing your history, unfortunately we don't get alot of those type of movies, because Hollywood doesn't feel like we support them, well let's prove them wrong this weekend. Go out and spread the word and take a family member or friend with you to see "42", I am sure you will not be disappointed.