Movie Director Ava DuVernay took the realms of the movie "Selma" about Martin Luther Kings triumphant walk and brought it to the big screen. She has also brought more life to the OWN network with her show "Queen Sugar" which has every one locked to the television for 60 minutes and following the Louisiana based family through their trials.

Now she is really going in depth and talking about the fine print that is filtered in the 13th Amendment with the new Netflix documentary"13th" that will be released in October. She touches on the practice of slavery being associated with the prison system and talks to alot of very important dignitaries who are talking about the issue. She also spotlights those who have been treated unfairly in the system and some who have now become free and talk about the problems they faced.


13th Documentary Trailer:

The documentary premieres on Netflix on October 7th and while you may not agree with the premises of the movie. You have to admit that their is something wrong when this is the first line of rehabilitation for those who are first time offenders of petty crimes. I will be watching this one and I hope that you will to. If nothing else. I believe that it will create an avenue of communications amongst all involved.