There is nothing like a good twerking video. And when the news is a tad bit slow, I am sure my fellas sorry ladies wouldn't mind a little something extra from Miss Serena Williams. If you get the opportunity, you should definitely check out the "Lemonade" video from Beyonce. This is the first time I got a chance to really check out Serenas skills and I have to admit, she didn't do to bad of a job.

She is covering the latest issue of Self magazine and behind the scenes she showed how the ladies can show us what they're working with. While the clip is fairly short, you can see the young lady doing her thing to the Work track played faintly in the background. Check out the clip below.

Kudos to Serena who is a beast on the tennis court and has also been pretty good doing a few acting gigs. But can she rock it as a twerking instructor? Only time will tell about the sports diva who is doing her thing on and off the court. You have to wonder if Drake or Common thinks about her often.

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