Today in Tha Wire Serena Williams channels Beyonce in new "7/11" video and T-Pain features the late Aaliyah on his new mixtape,  The Iron Way.

Serena Williams - photo by Mike Coppola via Getty Images

Look for tennis superstar Serena Williams to be featured on the cover of the April issue of Vogue Magazine.  The 19 times over, Grand Slam diva channeled her inner Beyonce' for the special occasion and recreated Queen Bey's music video "7/11."  According to BET the video was put together specifically for Vogue campaign and the tennis champ wasn't bashful as she showed off her dance skills.

The one-minute, 30-second clip was posted on Vogue Video yesterday(March 25) morning and ever since then has gained more than 590 thousand views.  Williams put the GoPro to good use, practicing power shots and emulating Bey's moves from the video.

By the way, BET reports Beyonce has seen the video and gave it a big thumbs up.  Listen to Tha Wire below and find out what else Queen Bey did and find out what she had to say about the whole thing.

Peep the video below and be sure to pick-up the latest issue of Vogue' Magazine, with Serena on the cover on newsstands now.

Finally, T-Pain's been a little quiet as far as the music scenes concerned, but that's all gonna change.  Pain has been hard at work in the studio, putting the final touches on his next project.  The rapper/singer/producer sat down with VIBE recently to talk details about his upcoming mixtape, The Iron Way.

During the interview, Pain said he had the late Aaliyah as one the featured artists on the tape.  He revealed, "I actually have Aaliyah on a song.  These are vocals people never heard before." As it turns out he was working on a Aaliyah album a few years ago, and was asked to produce two singles for the project, which has yet to be released.

Pain told VIBE, at the time he was given the option to keep one of singles and that's how he managed to get the late songbirds voice on a track called, "Girlfriends" for his forthcoming mixtape.  Speaking of which, T-Pain's The Iron Way drops online on tomorrow (Friday, March 27).

Listen to Tha Wire below and find out what other artists will be featured on his new mixtape, listen up for more details on Beyonce's reaction to the Serena Williams "7/11" remake and get the scoop on what celebs are celebrating birthdays today.