We all know that Serena Williams is one of the top women’s tennis player in the world, but she recently revealed another talent.

In a promotional clip for her cover story for the September issue of Self magazine, the tennis icon gives viewers a twerk tutorial. The 34-year-old athlete begins with showing off different levels of twerking before dropping it low for the camera.

Donning a skintight navy-and-gold leggings and gold sports bra, Serena begins to flex her assets for us. We must also mentioned that her six-pack abs were also popping as well. “Everyone should at some point do a twerk,” says Serena.

We couldn’t agree more.

However, the peanut gallery over at Twitter, felt the need to roast the eight-time Wimbledon champion over her twerking skills.

"I love Serena Williams so much, she's a real life super hero so please tell her to not twerk ever again. Please," tweeted Kazeem Famuyide. Another critic wrote, "Serena Williams is capable of otherworldly things. Twerking is not one of those things."

Oh really?

No offense, but Serena twerking on any level is a gift for the internet. And quite frankly, Serena was twerking for Self magazine not for Straight Stuntin. Also, if you peep her twerking performance in Beyonce's "Sorry" video, you should know that she can pop that thang if she really wanted to. But we digress.

What do you think of Serena Williams' twerking skills? Tell us in the comments below.

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