Shaquille O’Neal discusses the time he blew through $1 million in a day, and just one day after signing a deal with a trading card company.

In 1992 Shaq was 20, and certainly new to having such a large amount of money at once.  He got a bit overzealous in his spending, in which he referred to as "overly happy-slash-irresponsible."


Shaq says he purchased three Mercedes Benz's, one for him, and the other two for his parents, as well as jewelry, and more. According to the NBA Hall of Famer, "You need to learn how to take care and manage your money". He said the bank manager calling him in to sit him down and show him how he was overspending is what helped him make the decision to hire a business manager and straighten out his finances.

It's safe to say, Shaq won't be one of those fallen NBA stars who lost everything.

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