I guess you could say Jeremy Shockey is a little salty about being traded by the New Orleans Saints.  No one wanted a win more than Shockey when the Saints took on the talented Carolina Panthers this past Sunday.  Well, maybe except for Cam Newton of course.  The entire game was a shot-out and the Panthers proved to be no easy win.

Pittsburgh Steelers v Carolina Panthers

However, the Saints pulled it off and are now 4-1.  After Carolina fell to New Orleans on Sunday, the Panthers tight end refused to shake hands with his former Saints teammates and coaches.  It was no shocker though, everyone knows Shockey wears his feelings on his sleeve.


Saints coach Sean Payton, told reporters he was unmoved by the snub.

Shockey had second thoughts Monday, tweeting an apology: "I hold myself accountable. It was a classless move by me. No one takes losses worse than me," adding later: "I have offended God and mankind."


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