Everyone knows Charlamagne The God by being on the radio and covering everything from new album releases to politics. He is also known for talking to Tomi Lahren who is known for being very outspoken about everyone from Beyonce to Black Lives Matter.

Last week Tomi appeared on The Daily Show with Trevor Noah who basically took her to Church and back. She was caught up in alot of things that she believed in and was taken aback by some of her comments as well. Over the weekend she met with Charlamagne The God and he has gotten alot of backlash over the meeting. The Breakfast Club opened the phone lines this morning to discuss whether Charlamagne should get the Donkey of The Day or a pass.

Charlamagne The God Shows Tomi Lahren Around New York:

There are always going to be folks from all sides who feel like he should have or shouldn't have talked with her. But as he mentioned, you'll never have an understanding if you don't discuss the issues and allow all involved to speak their parts. The conversation may not change her mind or even allow her to be opened to the discussion, but apparently he spoke his mind and so did she. Only time will tell what the future holds with her thoughts and opinion on future matters.