The recent discussion of young tennis star Naomi Osaka not wanting to do interviews with the press has brought up some red flags. The latest news of her withdrawing from the French Open has gotten even more people talking. However, this is deeper than tennis. This is about awareness and mental health for every individual.

I am sure when you are a celebrity, especially sports figures, you have contractual obligations, including giving interviews to the press. But what happens when it seems as if they are continuing to drill you with repeated questions over and over? Let's keep it real, there are some in the media who are looking for a story. If they can get under your skin or get you speaking negatively about someone else, they have done their jobs. When you tie all of this in with the well being of yourself, you could be in for trouble. I respect Naomi's decision to withdraw and take care of herself. There are going to be plenty of stories and gossip about the situation, but we have to take in account that mental health awareness is based on more than a month.

Naomi is still young and fairly new to the game. While she has had some victorious wins, she has had to endure a lot. Who would I be to say if she can handle what she is going through? It is also not my job to say she needs to do her job. There have been many actors, sports figures, and regular people who have taken their lives because they felt overwhelmed from the pressures of others.

Let's fall back ourselves and make an observation of our lives. We are under the microscope, but imagine being under scrutiny over your weight, the person you date, and things you may have said. That is a lot of pressure and sometimes you have to realize you are important and need to take care of yourself. I am sending well wishes to Naomi in hopes she will take all of the time she needs.

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