On April 1,  we got word Shreveport got a heck of an April Fool's Day joke by feeling an earthquake in the area. It sounds insane, but it was true and now it has happened again overnight with the nucleus being in Uncertain, Texas. The quake measured at 2.5 on the Richter scale and could be felt across the state line into Shreveport and other parts of northern Louisiana.

Louisiana actually has quite a few fault lines spread throughout the area called the Baton Rouge Fault System. It was thought back in the early 2000s that Louisiana was due for a large quake due to its inactivity at the time. The reports speculated events within 10-15 years. They were a few years off on when it would happen, but here it is.

The most major round of earthquakes to happen in Louisiana was back in 1811. The fault lines of Arkansas, Missouri, and Tennessee got to moving and shaking spreading out toward the other fault lines in Louisiana. The impact was so large in the area, the effects were spread out across the nation and even caused the Mississippi River to change its flow path.

Did anyone have Louisiana earthquakes on their natural disaster BINGO board? Although a 2.5 earthquake is small compared to other parts of the nation, it is still not something residents are used to at all. Fortunately, the quake caused minimal to no damage. Hopefully, we won't have to hear about more of these happening again any time soon as we get closer to hurricane season.

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