Back in the late 90's and early 2,000's there was a beautiful young lady named Ameriie. She released alot of great music that featured everyone from Ludacris and more. Her career was going upwards and then Beyonce happened. She had music and was working with a producer named Rich Harrison who along the way gave a track to Beyonce and it seemed like the union that she had with her producer and her music was gone.


She has literally been gone for almost seven years and now she is back. She released an ep over the weekend called "Drive" and features Fabolous and takes it back to the singing that we grew to love with her. She stopped by the kick it with the worlds most dangerous morning show to talk about where she has been and what else she is working on.


Ameriie stops by The Breakfast Club:



Ameriie- "One Thing":


Ameriie- "Why Don't We Fall In Love":

This was a great interview and I think those who are great fans got to really see and hear about what she is doing and got up to date on what she has been working on. Make sure you download the latest release Drive as she also reconnects with her former music producer Rich Harrison on the single called "Outloud".