Friend of the station, Roi Anthony, is back with a summer banger. I have known this guy for over ten years now, and we have always had a common denominator in music. He has worked with everyone from Keith Sweat to Teddy Riley, and he creates a sound that some will mimic, but can't come close to.

He sent me the song, Thickness, a few months ago and from hearing it, I knew it was that summer vibe we need to get us going and motivated. He just released the video for the single last week, and it features everyone from Pallo Da Jint to DJ Jubilee and singer Lysa.

Check it out below and let it take you to the fun times.

I remember being in the skating rink when I was younger and tripping over my skates. While I laid on the floor, some excellent skater came and jumped right over me. This had to be a fun moment while filming this video, and the single is going to be one to remember.

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