Nyk VonCole has strong ties to Louisiana (specifically Jeanerette and New Iberia), but that's not why she was in the 107Jamz studios with Big Boy Chill. The New York-born, Houston bred singer/songwriter is out to promote her single "Like Me", with her ultimate goal as she explained to me being "to be one of the biggest songwriters out of the U.S."

Nyk began singing at a very young age in school and church while being raised in Southwest Houston. She studied at Clark Atlanta University and Texas Southern University and still made time for her music all while pursuing her college education. How's that for dedication?

She was also a top 100 contestant on Fox's "X-Factor", of which Nyk explained gave her national exposure, but at that time she wasn't as ready as she is now. "I got kicked off", she said. "It was around the second round they sent me back, but it taught me a lot. It's not all about just being talented at the end of the day. It was a lot of talented people, but it was more about the grind. Like, how hard are you ready to grind? And I don't think I was ready, yet. Now I'm ready!" 

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