Today in Tha Wire it's bad enough actor/comedian Ricky Harris died suddenly one day after Christmas, but according to reports a fight broke out at his funeral yesterday. The beloved star was in the prime of his career and suffered a massive heart attack at 51 on December 26.  As family and friends gathered to say goodbye, people started fighting inside the funeral home.

Snoop his wife and Warren G at Richy Harris funeral-Instagram
Snoop his wife and Warren G at Richy Harris funeral-Instagram

The funeral took place yesterday(January 3) in actor's hometown, of Long Beach.  As the ceremony got underway, some man entered the building and apparently tried to approach rap legend Snoop Dogg.  His bodyguard sprung into action and grabbed the guy and a brief brawl jumped-off from there.  According to reports Snoop was the man's target, the question is...why?

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Sherri Shepherd who later uploaded a video to give her reaction on the craziness.  Below you can see she is visibly shaken and angry the star is in total disbelief that people would start a fight at someone's funeral.

Moments later Sherri posted another video to give the rundown on what happened...well sort of.  It's unclear if the guy was a family member or just a fan in mourning, but they're saying he just tripped-out during the funeral and in all the confusion people flooded out of the building.  Apparently the guy was having a hard time and freaked out on Snoop in a staight of grief. Listen as she and some of the attendees shed light on the situation. 

Thankfully all is well. TMZ reports police were called to the scene, but the guy at the center of the drama was nowhere to be found.  Snoop confirmed it was all good.  Puffin on a "J", the rapper/actor uploaded a video and said his dear friend was given a "beautiful service."

R.I.P Ricky.  That's Tha Wire fam, tune in tomorrow for more on The Peoples Station 107 Jamz.


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