When it comes to hip hop, there is not one rapper who is as internationally known as Snoop Dogg. From the beginning on the Deep Cover song with Dr. Dre in the 90's, he has been the talk of the town. Whether it was for the murder case he faced around 95; or from numerous times of being caught on drug charges.


While negativity seems to follow him around, his music has been able to keep his name at the top of the list as far as rappers who have been able to cross all color lines. He recently connected with Pharrell Williams to not only sign to his label, but also produce a new album with him.

The results is "Bush" and from the critics and the reviews this is going to be a masterpiece. Pharrell took care of the production for the songs, but it features Charlie Wilson, Kendrick Lamar and so many more. His forthcoming album drops this Tuesday May 12th and being a major Snoop fan, It's already in my cue for the drop date. Check outr the first video from the album called "Peaches And Cream"!

Snoop and Pharrell talk latest album "Bush": 


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