The NFL season is right around the corner, and as fans draft their fantasy teams and watch preseason match-ups, America's most popular league continues its run of nonsensical policies. Commissioner Roger Goodell caught hell when he handed Ray Rice a two game suspension for domestic violence in 2004 and now Snoop Dogg is calling the league out for teaching players gun safety while continuing to outlaw marijuana.

"So the NFL want to give players rights to carry guns but won’t give them the rights to smoke weed?" Snoop says in the above Instagram video, which he posted after watching ESPN's First Take discuss the issue. "They already violent as fuck playing football. Give them something to turn them down: Weed! We should say motherfucking marijuana is legal, not fucking guns, you goofy ass motherfuckers. NFL, y’all stupid as fuck. Man, get at me about fixing this shit. How y’all gonna clear guns but don’t clear motherfuckin’ marijuana? Marijuana calms a motherfucker down. Guns turn a motherfucker up. Nothing goes right with guns."

The NFL can't ban guns, the right to bear arms protected by the second amendment, but his point here is one of perspective and culture. America, and in turn the NFL, is steeped in a heavy gun culture, while the views on marijuana and its legality have only started to change. Snoop has long been an advocate for weed and his logic here is fairly straightforward: equip players with the resources to adjust to the game's violent nature rather than encourage further violent behavior.

A woman accusing defensive lineman Greg Hardy of domestic abuse says that she was thrown onto a bed covered with loaded guns. Hardy was suspended 10 games by the NFL. Catch Snoop's IG message above.

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