Z-Ro is fresh off the release of his latest album Drankin and Drivin. To make sure you haven't forgot about it just yet, the Houston rapper revisits the LP with a music video for the song "I Know." The video sees Z-Ro simply riding around his town while unleashing some smooth vocals.

The Drankin and Drivin album is notable for how much Z-Ro sings on the project. The veteran MC sings a lot in his music, but the new LP features him doing it more so than rapping. Z-Ro recently spoke about his penchant for singing in light of its increased use throughout hip-hop.

"People were like, 'Man why you [singing]?' I wasn’t doing it for them; I’m doing it for me," Z-Ro told XXL. "It sounds good to me. At the end of the day I do it because I like it and I know my people fuck with me and what I like. But at the end of the day it’s because I liked it. All I ever got was flack for it until somebody outside of Texas did it, and it was, 'Hold up this shit is dope."

Z-Ro also has a lot more on the way. The Screwed Up Click member told XXL about three more projects he's got in the pipeline.

"A lot of my shit that I know is going to do numbers, and if I’m fuckin’ with somebody new, I’m not finna give you my A1 shit," Z-Ro said. "I’m finna give you my B2 shit. Drankin and Drivin is some dope shit but I got some dope shit lined up after this that’s already ready. I want to see what’s going to happen with Drankin and Drivin before I turn in Ghetto Gospel, before I turn in Rotha Vandross Sings the Blues, before I turn in Legendary."

Z-Ro revealed that he and Mike Dean are planning on doing an EP together too. The two linked up in July for a song called "No Justice, No Peace." The track was the first time Z-Ro and Dean had collaborated since 2006.

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