Snoop Dogg can rest easy because a 2016 lawsuit involving the injury of several concertgoers has been thrown out by a judge, and it’s all because of where he lives.

According to TMZ, Snoop, Wiz, and Live Nation were sued by 17 people who claimed the rappers were at fault for inciting a stampede that caused a railing at the New Jersey concert to collapse. Fans reportedly fell 10 feet onto the concrete floor, and roughly 40 of them were hurt during the incident.

A judge agreed to dismiss the lawsuit against Snoop Dogg because it was filed in the wrong state. The lawsuit was filed in Pennsylvania, where Wiz Khalifa lives and is still fighting the lawsuit. Snoop Dogg resides in California, so that’s that. Live Nation is repeatedly still being sued as well.

[Source: TMZ]

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