A few weeks back, a railing collapsed at a Snoop Dogg and Wiz Khalifa concert, leaving 42 people injured (luckily, there were no fatalities). Now, 17 concertgoers are suing Snoop and Wiz.

The unfortunate incident erupted when a mosh pit formed close to the stage. Apparently, Snoop and Wiz were hyping up the crowd, and tons of fans ran up with their phones out, causing the railing to fall. According to TMZ, one of the victims says he suffered a fractured spine. The show ended abruptly after the chaos ensued.

In other Snoop Dogg-related news, the Long Beach, Calif. legend took to Instagram to voice his opinion on the NFL's drug testing policy, saying that players may own guns but they cannot smoke weed to potentially relieve injuries or calm them down. The second amendment makes it so the NFL cannot ban guns, but Snoop is voicing his point of view about the issue of extreme violence in professional football.

The West Coast MC says, "So the NFL want to give players rights to carry guns but won’t give them the rights to smoke weed? They already violent as fuck playing football. Give them something to turn them down: Weed! We should say motherfucking marijuana is legal, not fucking guns, you goofy ass motherfuckers. NFL, y’all stupid as fuck."

You can check out the remaining tour dates for Snoop and Wiz' tour below. Keep it locked to XXL as more information about this situation emerges.

August 25 – Los Angeles, Calif.
August 27 – Chula Vista, Calif.
August 28 – Concord, Calif.
September 1 – Ridgefield, Wash.
September 2 – Auburn, Wash.

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