It's safe to assume that everyday is 420 for Snoop Dogg, Devin The Dude and Wiz Khalifa, so it's no surprise they gathered on the song "420 (Blaze Up)," off the soundtrack for DJ Pooh's Grow House movie.

Unlike some weed anthems, this one isn't a turn-up song at all. Instead, all three rappers spit over a laid back groove that reminds you of 90s West Coast rap. Plus, everyone goes in lyrically, especially Devin who spits second.

"Weed is well needed, it's a necessity / If I ain't got it little sh-- gets the best of me / Even put it in my food, I got a brownie recipe / You eat one piece, man, your a-- will be / F---- up for 67 hours or so / You don't like edibles I got plenty flowers to blow," he spits.

Wiz closes things out and between all three MCs, they deliver an incredibly solid weed song, which had to be a challenge since it's not really a new subject matter for them.

You can listen to the cut below.

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