Snoop Dogg get's very candid in a recent interview with radio/TV show host Sway Calloway. Talks Tupac, Biggie, Dr. Dre, Gang Banging, and Death Row Records. 

Snoop Lion, better known as 'Snoop Dogg' recently sat down with radio/TV show host Sway and talked about how he first started out with Dr. Dre as simply his writer and back up on stage, until people demanded he step upfront more. Snoop also recalls the pressure that existed between himself and his late friend Tupac Shakur and how it affected him after his death, as well as his last moments with the late Biggie Smalls.

After so many years of wondering what went down with Snoop and Tupac, and how he really felt about Biggie, what the Rap veteran had to say will possibly shock you.

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