T-Pain's defense of 6ix9ine's recent cooperation with federal agents is infuriating rappers like Boosie BadAzz, Trouble and Gillie Da Kid. Since the clip from T-Pain's comment during his  Big Boy's Neighborhood interview went viral Thursday (Feb. 28), other artists have chimed in on the topic, and they seem to agree with Trouble and Gillie.

Snoop Dogg labeled Pain's response to Tekashi "weak" while Fabolous had a more detailed retort.

"Yeah I don't approve of this message lol," Fabolous said in his comment on Instagram. "Streets really done when people openly feel you can live a certain way for fame & money then throw others under the bus to save themselves & say they snitching to be with they family. Meanwhile @mysonnenygeneral got a clip up of a man tryna snitch on his own mama. That was to be with his kids too huh. The Game & people's perspectives are selfish & careless now. Majority of people are for self but scream Gang Gang for the coult of it. Cuz it's a popular thing to say. But then don't stand on it in adversity. They should also stop asking people who never lived that lifestyle bcuz their opinion always gonna be save they own ass. And the people who agree most likely didn't live or come up that way either."

Other rappers like Gunplay feel like artists who aren't really about the gang lifestyle shouldn't even be asked questions about it. "Nigga ain't even built or qualified to even be asked dat question," Gunplay said in his IG comment in response to the video. "So this wut happens weak nigga opinions gon wild who asked dat question to him for TF."

In the aforementioned interview, Pain defends 6ix9ine's decision to come clean to authorities by claiming he would "snitch too" if he was facing 47 years in prison.

"I would snitch so hard," Pain said while laughing. "But on the real though, the man has a family and a daughter! A lot of people say, 'Well he wasn’t thinking about that when he was doing that!' Yes he was!"

Read the comments in full below.

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