Bobby V allegedly getting caught with a transgender is the talk of social media. Several celebrities have also expressed concern with the clip, which has gone viral.

In the video, the “Slow Down” singer is allegedly running out of a transgender’s apartment after refusing to pay for her services. Bobby V has yet responded to the video. However, several celebrities had plenty to say about.

In the Instagram video above, Snoop Dogg is shocked by the video. He urged the singer to give him a call. "Bobby, Bobby, Bobby, come see me, brother. We got to talk, Bobby" he said. "You got to get your shit together. You got to be more careful."

On Monday's episode (July 31) of Everyday Struggle, co-host Joe Budden didn't seem surprised by the video. The New Jersey rhymer even alleged that Bobby V has been caught in this situation on multiple occasions.

Bobby V has not addressed the video publicly. On his Instagram page, he's been posting videos promoting his latest project, Hollywood Hearts.

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