Today in Tha Wire R&B singer Bobby V got himself in a pretty embarrassing situation. Whether he's been on the down-low or got punked, it's hard to say. The reality can swing either way. One things for sure social media has been on fire, since a well known transgender posted a video of him running out of her apartment.

No matter what the excuse, it's not a good look for ya boy. Let's start with the initial explanation. Reima Houston had the 37-year in her apartment. She claims he was there to pay for some services, however he allegedly wasn't prepared to pay for them. That's when Houston picked up her phone and started filming. She didn't stop there, she uploaded the video on social media, to expose the singers freaky pastime. That move set off a firestorm on the net, with fans reacting to the shocking ordeal. Houston explained her actions on Facebook saying,

Let me say this what I did to Bobby Valentino was on the basis he didn't have his coin so to play with my money is to play with my life like ANY girl would do.

Bobby did everything but slow down. When he seen that camera...that brotha couldn't get outta that apartment fast enough. Killin' part is, he got caught with his pants down! Literally. Matter of fact they were off! Desperately trying to cover his face, Bobby shuffled into a room to throw them on right quick. Then he ran out of the apartment, leaving his shoes and keys behind. As the singer ran down the hall Houston hollered out, "you forgot your shoes and car keys!" "If you want them back, bring me some money." "Call me so I can tell the price Bobby V." Yeah. It's crazy. Peep the video below, and draw your own conclusions.

Unfortunately for Bobby, millions have seen the video. Folks have a lot to say about it too. According to HipHollywood the Atlanta star was soliciting for sex. What's not clear is whether or not he knew Houston was transgender. Well he knows now, and so does everybody else. Snoop Dogg posted his reaction to the singers predicament, and his hilarious response is below.

TMZ reports the singer's reps gave them an exclusive statement about the incident. Bobby's camp says Houston is not a prostitute, so he wasn't soliciting for sex like some reports suggested. They're saying Bobby was being extorted. Below is a look at the full statement;

“Misrepresentation and deception were maliciously used to target Valentino; during the encounter, Valentino was victimized and threatened by act of extortion which continued after his departure was captured on video.”

The singer is doing his best to brush the scandal off, posting the following pic on Facebook;

Meanwhile, Reima Houston isn't letting Bobby off that easy. Though she's facing some criticism for putting the singer on blast, she says extortion had nothing to do with their encounter. "Don’t expose but get what’s rightfully yours either voluntarily or involuntarily. Idc who doesn’t respect my decision because my bank account will respect it the most. #PERIOD.” If that's not enough, she posted another video shopping her story to the highest bidder. She promised the whole story and more proof.

Damn Bobby, you might wanna pay this fool! Good luck with this one. Talk about getting caught down-bad. I'm sure more info will be coming from this story in coming days. I will keep you posted. All things entertainment is what I do. Listen to Tha Wire for the daily scoop, and only on The People's Station 107 Jamz.


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