Punk'd was one of those shows where you got to see celebrities out of their elements. The show got everyone from Justin Timberlake to Sean Kingston and even Ciara, Vivica A Fox and more. I feel like the show was at it's best when it was hosted by Ashton Kutcher, of course he blew up and the show was never the same.


Well now comes word that the show is coming back, but not to it's original home. This time around it is coming to BET. It is going to be interesting to see how the show works and the twist or direction that it will  be going in. Although the word is that it will be catering to the BET. Check out the trailer and information below about that and some other shows coming soon.

B.E.T is bringing back 'Punk'd':

Who would you choose if you had to pick a host to pick up the duties of the show. I would actually go with Lil Duval to pick up the reign. This guy is funny and he is young enough to be relatable to the audience regardless of the demo. Check out a clip of him below and see what I'm talking about.

Lil Duval Standup Special: