I am sure I can ask by a show of hands who is having problems with their insurance companies, and I would probably have a bevy of hands risen across the city. This seems to be the norm these days. While I won't go into details and call out names, I will say many are currently homeless and businesses have not been restored because of the run around many of our locals are experiencing from their insurance companies.

I am far from an expert in this, but what I do know is people work hard to make sure their affairs are in order. Many are making payments on insurance and are possibly going without other necessities. This is why it can cause an inconvenience when folks have to deal with two back-to-back hurricanes and are still waiting on their insurance companies to cut the check, so to speak.

I can only imagine having no roof over your home or business and having to withstand another one right after it and having to almost fight your insurance company. We make monthly or possibly yearly payments to the folks who are supposed to be there when needed, and many are left with a sour taste and plans of changing companies once things are over.

I also know many are faced with the need for insurance but can't handle the high premiums and, at times, are forced to take a smaller package. This is where the understanding of the fine print really comes into play. I know several in the insurance industry, and they are straight up and willing to answer questions without hesitation. However, there are many who have no ties to the community and classify us as just a number. I would recommend we all do our research, ask questions, and be comfortable in our decisions when choosing who to place our faith in.

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