Lake Charles is known for the beautiful homes in its Charpentier (French for carpenter) Historic District. Back in the 1800s, the city's sawmill industry was booming and attracted lumbermen far and wide. They brought with them a variety carpentry and architectural skills that formed the interesting neighborhoods and homes we enjoy today.

Carpenters built homes and buildings from a gumbo styles like the popular Victorian, Greek, and Colonial Revival, to cottages, bungalows, and the famous shotgun. French, Canadia,  and Spanish influences also played a major factor in the structures we admire today.

Most visitors to the city to immerse themselves in the rich southern culture and usually flock to the downtown historic area or drive down Lakeshore Drive to see the grand plantation homes from the Golden Ages. There's nothing wrong with that, but I wanted to break away from the norm.

Below are some of the nicest homes and yards In Lake Charles that have changed the landscape over the last 50 years. The following homes don't get as much attention for their architecture because they aren't necessarily in rich or fancy neighborhoods. However, they are beautiful all the same and represent just a small example of the gorgeous properties around the city featuring newer architecture that's just as grand. These homes not only seamlessly bridge the gap between the classic craftsmanship of yesteryear, but they also have just as much curb appeal.


Check out Some of the Prettiest Homes and Yards in Lake Charles

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