It seems like Soulja Boy is not a fan of Tyga. The ostensibly playful beef between the two seemingly began after Soulja claimed to have had the biggest comeback of 2018. That notion was contested by Tyga fans earlier this year. Since then, Soulja went on to briefly date Tyga's ex and son's mother, Blac Chyna, and now he's taunting the "Taste" rapper on Twitter.

"I fucked yo baby mama and played Fortnite with yo son," Soulja in one Tyga-directed tweet Sunday night (Feb. 24).

In earlier tweets, Soulja tried to roast T-Raww for being dragged out of Floyd Mayweather, Jr.'s birthday party this past weekend.

"Tyga?!" Soulja tweeted on Sunday night (Feb. 24) with laughing emojis and a photo of Tyga from his incident at Floyd Mayweather's birthday party on Saturday. He then went on to write in a now-deleted tweet, "Me and Blac Chyna could neva work she like niggaz like Tyga lol."

While Tyga hasn't gone too far out of his way to clap back at Soulja, he does briefly name-drop the rapper while freestyling over Blueface's "Thotiana" for Power 106's L.A. Leakers. "7 million records, 9 months, where's Soulja at?" T-Raww spit in the freestyle, which premiered today. Seems like there's more than enough pettiness to go around.

There are rumors that Soulja and Chyna's brief romance ended because he'd found out that she just wanted to use the relationship to get back at Tyga. Soulja later tweeted that he only dated her because he "just wanted to see what the pussy felt like," but then deleted that before seemingly apologizing. Soulja then doubled back and said Chyna had hacked his phone and tweeted the apology, and he'd meant what he originally said. Pretty confusing stuff.

Check out Soulja Boy's tweets directed at Tyga for yourself below.


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