Soulja Boy continues to take L's on social media. The Atlanta rapper's latest embarrassment occurred when he posted a sonogram on his Instagram account. Soulja Boy claimed the image was a picture of his baby, but he actually found the picture through a Google search. The photo originates from an old Blogspot page called Rooney Adventures in Pregnancy. When Soulja Boy's followers pointed this out, he quickly deleted the post.

This social media gaffe comes just one day after Soulja Boy's rival Chris Brown mocked the rapper's infamous live-stream confrontation in the hood. Brown and Soulja Boy are going to settle their dispute in a boxing match, which the former recently confirmed would still go down.

“When I pull up on ya, it’s going down,” Brown said. “We’re going to set this fight up and do all that, but niggas gon’ always slick talk. And they know, when I’m in the same room, they chest deflating than a motherfucker. Boy, stop putting that superhero costume on, ‘fore we torture you.”

Soulja Boy responded to Brown's taunts by claiming the singer has not signed a contract for the fight. The "Crank Dat" rhymer said he's been waiting on Brown to move forward with the bout.

“I signed my contract for the boxing match a motherfucking week ago,” Soulja Boy said. “We waiting on Chris Brown so we can announce the motherfucking fight… What you waiting on? Don’t get scared now.”

There is still no date for the boxing match, but both sides are trying to make it happen in Dubai.

Soulja Boy via Instagram
Soulja Boy via Instagram

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