Spike Lee continues to raise the bar when it comes to entertainment. He is also very well versed in edutainment as I like to call it. This is where you not only entertain, but you also educate to the fullest. Chicago has had the title of being one of the most dangerous cities in the world. The president is from there, one of the most talented artist in the game is from there. And of course the biggest rates of homicide is from there. Spike Lee decided to not only make a movie about it with some of the biggest actors and actresses in the world.

He also wanted to bring awareness to the city and the lifestyle that has become the norm to the residents of the windy city. When I first saw the trailer, I didn't really know how he would capture it and I have to admit, although I am a fan. Some of his most recent movies have not been the best out there. Check out the trailer for "Chiraq" and be ready for it to hit theatres in December.

This is going to be a classic. When I watched it. It took me back to the old days of Spike Lee movies. This included "Get On The Bus", "School Daze" and so many more. I think this is a move that you may want to get everyone involved in watching and help to see what can be done to stop all of this violence and senseless killing in Chicago.

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