The adrenaline is high when it comes to the Cleveland Cavaliers and the Golden State Warriors. Everyone is choosing sides and there are those who are actually jumping ship. One of late nights premiere television host Stephen Colbert jumped into the brawl with his take on the games and made some key points.


While professing his respect and love for Steph Curry, he also made a mention of the latest shoes from Steph Curry and how bad he thinks they look. This is a funny skit and I am hoping that Curry and his wife can  take a joke, because at the end of the day. This only brings more notoriety to the shoes.


Stephen Colbert comes for Stephen Currys shoes:

Regardless of whether you like him or hate him. You have to respect the fact that Steph Curry is the man when it comes to the game of Basketball and has his  team represented very well.

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