Hurricane Laura is heading straight for Lake Charles, and these prediction models look terrifying.

Hearing the words "potential 15-foot storm surge" is scary enough, but seeing it in Google Earth really puts it in perspective. Hurricane Laura is an absolute beast of a storm and it's projected to hit Lake Charles particularly hard. Earlier this week, it was predicted that some areas of Lake Charles could see storm surges up to 15-feet. You can read about that HERE.

Today, hours before Hurricane Laura's arrival, the Weather Channel shared graphics of predicted storm surges in Lake Charles using Google Earth.

The Twitter thread highlights the areas that are expected to be hit the hardest, including downtown, the Civic Center, and Millennium Park. The thread also includes a model of suburban neighborhoods that are expected to be virtually underwater. According to the Weather Channel, "water will cover one-story homes over a very large stretch." They go on to say, "This is the type of surge that is life-threatening and unsurvivable."

The maps were credited to Shane Brown who is titled as the "data wizard" for the Weather Channel.

Our thoughts are certainly with our friends in Lake Charles, we're hopeful that a miracle of sorts comes through for the area and Hurricnae Laura doesn't hit the area as hard as expected.

Check out the full thread from the Weather Channel's Twitter account below.




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