Today in Tha Wire actor Jason Mitchell, best known for his portrayal of Hip Hop legend Eazy-E in, Straight Outta Compton, is dealing with the harsh reality of "Mo Money, Mo Problems."  With fame, comes drama and he's getting a healthy does of it.  The New Orleans born actor is under investigation after a woman accused him of attacking her at a party taking place at The Ritz Hotel in Boston.

According to TMZ an 18-year old woman filed criminal charges against the actor and claims he roughed her up after she tried to crash his party.  The unidentified woman says the 29-year old grabbed her by the arms, threw her to the ground by her hair and called her a b*tch.  However some witness told authorities she not only got upset, when she couldn't get in the party, but she supposedly hit him first.  Other witnesses say they heard her calling from help outside in the hall.

According to a police report, officials are investigating the incident.  Meanwhile, the actor hasn’t took to Twitter and posted a cryptic tweet on Tuesday night on the matter.

Jason mitchell tweet

The Ritz is in no-comment mode, but released a comment saying they “protect privacy of everyone who stays here.”  As more details become available, we'll keep you posted.

In an update on the shooting deaths of Toya Wright's brothers...New Orleans police are saying that the brothers were two, of three people killed in the city Sunday morning. According to reports another man was killed, but in a separate shooting.  Rudy and Josh Johnson were murder and authorities still don't know why.

So far NOPD confirmed to CNN they responded to a call prior to finding the brothers dead in a vehicle early Sunday at the intersection of Pauger and North Miro Streets in the Seventh Ward, just north of the French Quarter.  Officers report no witnesses have come forward as investigators continue the search for suspects and a motive.

Meanwhile Fans and celebrities alike are reaching out to comfort Toya and her family on social media.  Her former co-star Tiny and her husband T.I. are among those sending condolences. Though no one knows for sure, it's assumed that Toya's brothers died as a result of black-on-black crime.  Fed up, Tip took to Twitter and sent a tweet out that really spoke volumes about the ignorant "No Snitch" street rules that only help hide murderers in the black community.

Amen Tip, amen! If we don't care about ourselves, nobody else will. This has got to stop! We murder each other over blocks we don't own, wearing the wrong color, or something as simple as an argument...but when we're killed by someone else, that's when our lives matter?  REALLY?  We gotta do better.

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