Well over a thousand students have signed an online petition for Kanye to speak out against Alabama's new immigration law.  Now, I love me some Kanye West BUT sometimes I cringe when he speaks on highly emotional issues.  I don't think anyone would argue that he's a pretty emotional guy and speaking isn't exactly his strong suit. 

Kanye West- 2011 CFDA Fashion Awards - Winner's Walk

Kanye unfortunately known for putting his foot in his mouth.  Non the less he's in Bama and the new immigration law has a few people up in arms.  Find out what this new law is all about and why people are so upset.  Listen to Tha Wire for the scoop.




Ryan Leslie-BET 106 & Park Presents Tyrese & Ryan Leslie

Ryan Leslie lost his laptop  while kickin it in Germany last year.  Well, he didn't lose it.  Someone stole it.  At any rate,  he offered a nice little reward for the return of his computer but when he got it back he didn't pay up.  The person who returned it is pissed off to say the least, find out what happened with Tha Wire.






Michael Jackson is at the top of Forbes Magazines top earning deceased celebs.  For the second year in a row the late King of Pop is still racking in tha dough.  Find out how much his estate made last year alone.

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