With his album G-Host out now, running his chain of Juices for Life juice bars and dropping gems on Twitter, Styles P always has his mind right; he's capable of seeing things for what they are. So it's only right that he stop by XXL for the latest episode of Views, and share some of his own.

Never one to hold his tongue, Tha Ghost has thoughts on rappers getting wrapped up in internet beef, New York's long road to weed legalization and more. Of course, he's come across Kanye West's wild string of opinions, from ’Ye's support for Trump to his takes on slavery. Styles provides a thoughtful response to all of the controversy.

"We all need to stop worrying about what Kanye's thinking," he explains. "Just let him be Kanye and you don't have to take what he says personal, but if you're worried about him, send him some love and a hug." A positive solution to a rocky situation.

Unsurprisingly, Styles is all for weed not only being legalized in his hometown of New York but throughout the entire world."Medical, recreational, legalize it," he shares excitedly. "Weed never killed anybody, its never reportedly, no one has ever overdosed off of weed!" Strong stance, P.

After talking a little more about the not-so-negative side effects of weed, Styles then begins to discuss the dangers of rappers beefing with each other on the internet. He works his sense of humor into his feelings on it, all while coming from a place of wisdom.

Watch Styles P explain his views on Kanye West's opinions, the legalization of weed and the worst kind of beef: internet rap beef. Go listen to his album G-Host right after that.

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